Monday, February 21, 2011

Waxing Crescent

The mothers of Boy Evergreen and Boy Blackberry entered the room where the boys sat, and presented them with a rectangular box wrapped in shiny white paper. The boys unburdened the box of the paper. When what lay beneath came into view, Boy Evergreen and Boy Blackberry realized they held in their hands a Sun. This burning ball of light illuminated their faces. The light from the held Sun fell upon the pinecone in each boy’s head, and gave it the strength and inspiration to grow more and stronger layers doubly as fast as they had grown before.

The mothers looked upon the kneeling boys with a proud, anticipatory, and orange excitement. The boys looked up and perked their ears as their mothers began chanting in unison: “Lay-Goes, Lay-Goes, Lay-Goes, Lay-Goes!”

After sleeping under Forty-Eight moons, the boys finally realized how to play. For many, many, many moons to come, Boy Evergreen and Boy Blackberry would play with Legos. Together, Boy Evergreen and Boy Blackberry constructed ships that would sail upon water, air, or space. They built pyramids, houses, Abbey Road, and other monuments without number.