Monday, February 21, 2011

Space Bow

When the school surrounded by corn decided it was through, it told all the kids to go home for the awhile. Boy Evergreen and Boy Blackberry would go back to the land where they had learned to play with Suns. This summer, Boy Blackberry began playing other instruments. Some he played with more than three fingers and some he played with no fingers at all. His new friends had become his good friends. While Boy Blackberry was away, they had made a new band.

The after-school band was quiet. They wanted a new band so that they could dress silly and make as much noise as they could. This is what boys sometimes do when they feel like no one is listening to them. Anyways, Boy Blackberry would dress silly and make as much noise as he could. Even though the sounds were loud, his ears were still filled with the sound of playing with Legos.

Over the summers, Boy Blackberry would also go back to work at the golf course with Boy Evergreen. Besides work, Boy Blackberry would sleep, eat, and sometimes breathe in the smoke of funny green pinecones. He would remember how to think deep thoughts, and laugh, and eat Mexican food.

Sometimes though, Boy Blackberry would breathe in the smoke of funny green pinecones, laugh, and become full of blue feelings. He would remember the color of the light of Suns he heard whenever him and Boy Evergreen would sit and laugh together. He missed Boy Evergreen, even though they were living in the same town.