Monday, February 21, 2011

Scattered Eye

As the airplane in which Boy Blackberry sat rose from the ground, a new but familiar sound filled his ears. This sound reminded Boy Blackberry of the sound Boy Evergreen’s white car would make, though this sound was much, much louder. Whoever built this airplane must have felt like no one was listening to them. With his hands over his ears, Boy Blackberry remembered that there was once a day, underneath a different moon, when he and Boy Evergreen constructed a ship that transcended both air and water. He remembered the spacecraft they built and breathed life into. He remembered over everything else though, the divine silence of these craft. As their space planes voyaged from earth into emptiness, the ears of Boy Evergreen and Boy Blackberry were free to become full of the sound of playing with Legos.

Come Sunday, the plane had landed on the ground of that far away land, past the home of Paul McCartney. Boy Blackberry stepped out of the plane and began to walk. Soon, he had forgotten of the memories the sound of the airplane had conjured up. His ears were being licked by many, many tongues. He heard and felt the tongue he had gazed upon for so long. He felt orange feelings: feelings that were trying oh so hard to become Sunlight.

Boy Blackberry and Boy Evergreen did not speak to each other very often during the time Boy Blackberry was away. And for only the second time in Two-Hundred and Sixteen moons, Boy Evergreen and Boy Blackberry were apart. Under the next Twelve moons, it was almost as though they did not ever know of each other. They occasionally exchanged letters and words with the magic of the internet, but by no means did they play together with Suns.

The lines and colors of Boy Evergreen’s adventures are relatively unknown to me from this point on. The dots are clear to be seen, there are constellations to be formed, but I have no real idea of knowing which lines connect to which dots. The story of Boy Blackberry in the land of foreign tongues is surely to be saved for another day. What should be known is that he continued to crush on roll-your-own cigarettes, funny green pine cones, and coffee. But in the land of foreign tongues, he discovered previously unknown things, and crushed on them: the smoke of tootsie-rolls, rare combinations of water, malt, hops, and yeast, and taking long bus rides at night.