Monday, February 21, 2011

Ebbing Pumpkin

During the summers, mostly underneath the waxing or waning Thunder Moon, Boy Evergreen and Boy Blackberry would spend weeks together away from home. They would sleep in red cabins that sat near a lake. The boys would meet new friends, and sing different songs, and eat different food than they would have at home. They shot BB guns, and climbed up walls, and jumped into water over their heads. They also sat, and looked upon each other. Most of the time, they laughed.

Every summer, Boy Evergreen would see a girl named Spinsee Bones. Each time Boy Evergreen would see Spinsee, he would remember that he loved her. Boy Blackberry would laugh and laugh whenever he saw them together. Boy Evergreen and Girl Spinsee would stand close to each other, look into each other’s eyes – sometimes the ground, depending on their moods, and chant “Hi, Hi, Hi, Hi”. Boy Blackberry thought this was funny, but he didn’t understand.

After many, many moons of going to school, church, summer camps, and playing Legos together, the pinecones within the heads of Boy Evergreen and Boy Blackberry had grown to appear similar. One day, after sleeping under One-Hundred and Sixty-Eight moons, Boy Evergreen and Boy Blackberry both put on blue gowns and blue hats. They went with their parents to their school, and so did all the other kids from town. The boys walked across a line when their names had been called. When they walked across the line, they were handed a piece of paper with their name on it. Now they could take off their hats.

Underneath these One-Hundred and Sixty-Eight moons, the boys had been attending the same church early every Sunday morning. They had made a lot of friends at church, and shared some of the same friends. Now that they were older, the boys spent time in the church not just on Sunday mornings, but also during some of the nights of the week. At nighttime church, Boy Evergreen would touch the strings of his Guitar so that our friends could sing songs put on walls by light. Boy Blackberry would tell jokes and stories about videogames he had played that week.

The moons kept waxing and waning. After Boy Evergreen and Boy Blackberry walked across a line wearing blue, they started attending another new school together. Inside this school were all of the kids from two towns! The boys took different classes and met different people. Anyways, they always remained friends, maybe best friends.