Monday, February 21, 2011

Full Moon

Despite the dark events that had transpired in the summer before the boys began attending the same school, Boy Evergreen and Boy Blackberry remained friends. Some would say best friends. Every kid in the whole town went to this new school. Boy Evergreen and Boy Blackberry met new people, made new friends, and learned to enjoy other things besides creating things with Legos, and playing marches in the band. In fact, one day, Boy Evergreen decided that making sounds with the Guitar required just the right amount of fingers. He left his instrument made of black plastic, and band.

Boy Evergreen started to make his own bands with many fewer people than the band at school. He would gather new friends together to touch the strings drawn across hollow wood, and even strings drawn across full pieces of wood that plugged into electricity. He had friends who knew how to use sticks, not as swords for guarding a Sky-Fort, but for smacking skin and metal. Boy Evergreen would play the Guitar like Paul McCartney, and other friends of his would make boom-boom noises underneath the face of Keith Moon.

Boy Blackberry loved to listen to Boy Evergreen and his other friends make sounds like Paul McCartney and Keith Moon, but it almost always left him full of blue feelings. The sounds he would hear in his ears would remind him of Legos, something he had almost forgotten about. He wished that he could play with Legos with Boy Evergreen again, like they did under different moons. For some reason though, the pinecones in the boy’s heads didn’t feel good when they would open the lid of the dark-green box full of Legos.